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fields, coastal, roadsides, wasteareas, waterside, gardens, deserts

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Coffee senna distribution - United States

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Coffee Senna

Senna occidentalis

Coffeeweed, Mogdad Coffee, Negro-coffee, Senna Coffee, Stephanie Coffee, Stinkingweed, Septicweed
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Coffee senna (Senna occidentalis), previously referred to as Cassia occidentalis, is an upright annual or biennial shrub of the Fabaceae family.
S. occidentalis has branched stems which are initially reddish-purple but turn greenish-brown as they mature. It produces clusters of bright yellow flowers and dark brown, flattened, sickle-shaped pods.

Poisoning cases
All parts of S. occidentalis are toxic to horses if ingested. 20 mares were poisoned from being fed ground corn that had been contaminated with 8% S. occidentalis. 60% of the affected horses (12/20) died as a result of the poisoning; 8 were found dead, the other 4 developed hepatic encephalopathy and either died or were put down after developing clinical signs. The other 40% of affected horses developed mild depression and decreased appetite.